“It has never been more important for our sector to work together – that’s why we work with providers, local authorities and stakeholders on a daily basis.”

What we do

We provide essential knowledge, support and representation for providers of residential child care.

The Children’s Homes Association supports providers of residential childcare across the public, independent and charity sectors in transforming the lives of children and young people.

Our membership brings together local authorities, providers and stakeholders to address challenges and drive improvements for children and young people – and to ensure that government and regulators understand what’s happening and what needs to change.

Our Vision: Exemplary residential child care

Our Mission: Driving excellence through innovation, collaboration and sector leadership.

The support we provide is broad and varied, guiding our members on all aspects of managing and providing care in a children’s home, while providing a powerful platform for collaboration between all those organisations and stakeholders involved in residential child care for children and young people.

  • Knowledge – Keeping members up to date with changes in policy, legislation or other issues in the residential child care sector – through bi-weekly updates and regular regional meetings. Helping members overcome the complexities and challenges of operating a children’s home, or multiple homes – from communication with regulators to crisis management.
  • Collaboration – We actively develop partnerships, collaborations and professional communities to share best practice and for the benefit of our members, the sector and all those cared for within it. Helping stakeholders, local authorities and residential care providers work together in the best interests of children and young people, and find solutions to challenges from commissioning to costing, service development to outcome improvement, recruitment to regulation.
  • Innovation – Our experts and associates maintain a comprehensive view of the residential child care sector and a deep understanding of all the issues that affect our members and the individuals in their care. This powerful network of expertise enables us to be innovative in the solutions and opportunities we provide, as well as sharing invaluable insights and expertise.
  • Sector Leadership – As the trusted voice of the residential child care sector, we work directly with local and national government, regulators and allied public services, consulting on policy and changes within the sector. We ensure that the voices of our members are heard, and that the experiences of children and young people are acted upon, through consultations, government responses and liaison with the media.