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Watch new episodes of IN CARE

Watch new episodes of IN CARE

With the first two episodes of IN CARE now launched, we’re amazed by the fantastic response to this original short documentary series aiming to reset the narrative about children’s homes.

When filming and listening to so many honest testimonies from staff and young people in the sector, and those who have experienced residential childcare, it was immediately clear that there would be only one way to start the series – by highlighting one of the issues that practitioners and young people are affected by most at this time. The ‘fear of the unknown’ that surrounds residential childcare, and the misconceptions that exist in public, political and media narratives, are harmful to children and young people and those who work so hard to care for them.

Make sure to follow us and subscribe to the @INCAREFILMS YouTube channel as we periodically launch new episodes, allowing time for discussion and reflection between each one as well as other valuable content to support this important work. As the series progresses will be working on strategies to ensure it reaches the widest audience possible!

We are so grateful to those who shared their testimonies in the making of the series, and know that many others will want to share their views, hopefully in respectful and thoughtful ways. Let’s work together to drive the positive change that is so desperately needed for our society’s most vulnerable children and young people.