Response to The Government’s Implementation Strategy on Children’s Social Care Reform

Media Release

Response to the government’s Implementation Strategy on Children’s Social Care Reform

Media Release | 2nd February 2023

The Children’s Homes Association welcomes aspects of the Governments Implementation Strategy on Children’s Social Care Reform, and we are encouraged to see much needed action being taken across many areas of the children’s social care system, particularly around early intervention.  

However, we are disappointed to see that the strategy falls drastically short in addressing the real and pressing challenges faced by the residential childcare sector. The strategy unfortunately demonstrates a lack of awareness and understanding by the Government both in terms of the value of residential childcare as a specific and timely intervention and for those within the sector having a valued career pathway. 

Residential childcare provision is an integral part of children’s social care, whether as an early intervention or a  responsive one after other care placements have broken down.  80% of children’s homes are rated good or outstanding, but this high quality is at risk if issues of workforce and sector perception are not addressed.  We look to work closely with the Government and other stakeholders in raising awareness of the impact of high-quality residential childcare. 


Notes to Editors

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ABOUT The Children’s Homes Association (formerly ICHA)The Children’s Homes Association (formerly The Independent Children’s Homes Association)  is the voice of providers of residential child care services and resources across England and Wales. We are a Not-for-Profit Limited Company. The Children’s Homes Association represents both large and small providers with membership drawn from the public, private and voluntary sectors.  Some members have just one home whilst others have many homes across a wide geographic area. 

WHAT WE DOWe provide knowledge, expert guidance, resources and day-to-day support to our members as we work together to deliver exemplary residential child care.We work directly with local and national government, regulators and allied public services, consulting on policy and changes within the sector. We ensure that the voices of our members are heard, through consultations, government responses and liaison with the media.
We actively develop partnerships, collaborations and professional communities to share best practice – for the benefit of our members, the sector and all those cared for within it. Our leadership and associates bring together vast expertise across the many aspects of providing and managing residential child care, with a fearlessly child-centred approach.  

OUR VISION Exemplary residential child care. 
OUR MISSION Drive excellence in residential child care through innovation, collaboration and sector leadership.