We believe its focus needs to shift, and its ambition needs to grow.

Response to the ‘Children’s homes workforce literature review’

Response to the ‘Children’s homes workforce literature review’

ICHA has been calling for an independent registration body for our sector for some time. Whilst this literature review does a great job of highlighting the lack of currently relevant information available and pulling it together in a coherent manner. We believe its focus needs to shift, and its ambition needs to grow.

ICHA is looking for registration to better unify a disparate social care sector. Which will in turn further improve the overwhelmingly good and outstanding childcare already being provided.

We need the often-time astounding work already being carried out in the sector to be recognised for what it is, and to ensure that residential care becomes part of a valued continuum within the social care setting.

Independent registration aligned to a career pathway. Seamlessly linking the whole of the social care sector will inevitably push up care standards. As increased knowledge and understanding of all settings and roles decreases the opportunity for blame and increases opportunities for collaborative working.

The social care sector per se needs to be attractive to educated, enlightened and innovative candidates in all areas. This can only be achieved through a career path that enables mobility and provides a practical and theoretical understanding of how all its pieces fit together.

Notes to Editors

The Independent Children’s Homes Association Ltd (ICHA) is the voice of providers of residential childcare services and resources across England and Wales. We are a Not-for-Profit Limited Company.

ICHA’s Vision: ‘Exemplary Residential Child Care.’

ICHA’s Mission: ‘A member-led organisation driving excellence in residential childcare through innovation, collaboration and sector leadership’.

ICHA represents both large and small providers.  Some members have just one home whilst others have many homes across a wide geographic area.

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